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What Law Firm In Kolkata Works?


Here are the steps where law firm in kolkata can work here which are as follows:-

Legal Services Kolkata:-

Fox & Mandal, one of the first Indo-British firms, was founded in 1896 in what was then Calcutta and is where Fox Mandal & Associates got its start. Mr. G. C. Mandal and Mr. J. K. Fox were two legal wizards.

After that, the company provided advice to some of the biggest corporations in the world, several state governments, public enterprises, and consulates.

Through the years of its illustrious past, Fox Mandal Kolkata has managed to earn the label of “trusted advisors” to its customers and practises all areas of law.

Services provided by our Kolkata attorneys


As one of the top corporate law firms in Kolkata, the firm has provided comprehensive advice in a variety of sectors, including capital markets, RIETS and INVITS, family businesses, banking and finance, anti-competitive and commercial legislation, and general corporate practise.

Occupational Law:-

The Employment Law team at Fox Mandal, which is made up of some of the best lawyers in Kolkata, has developed a well-deserved reputation for providing innovative solutions aimed at enhancing workplace culture and value, lowering the risk of litigation, and dispensing proactive regulatory and useful advice to improve employer-employee relations.

Informational property:-

Since we provide expert consulting and regulatory support in the areas of Designs, Copyright, Patents, Sports Legal, Media and Entertainment, etc., our intellectual property practise places us on level with the top law firm in Kolkata.

Real Estate:-

The real estate industry is evolving throughout time, yet there are obstacles to overcome, such as difficult preceding real estate transactions, unavailable and unreadable former titles, digitization, changing regulatory regulations, etc.

In light of this, Fox Mandal’s real estate practise has hired some of the top lawyers in Kolkata to provide services in a variety of areas, including environment protection, corporate real estate, renewable energy, warehousing and logistics, construction finance, and dispute resolution.

Resolution of Conflict:-

A talented, practical, and well-connected dispute resolution team is fostered by Fox Mandal Kolkata. This team practises arbitration, litigation, bankruptcy and insolvency, constitutional law, consumer forums, quasi-judicial representation, mediation, economic offences, and other dispute resolution techniques.


We work with the greatest industry and regulatory professionals committed to monitoring, customising, and implementing the best regulatory policies to increase the organization’s value with the goal of transforming our client’s business across all tax disciplines.

Our strategy has allowed us to gain the trust of our clients by demonstrating that they are working with one of the top legal firms in Kolkata for tax law.

Acquisitions and Mergers:-

Fox Mandal, one of the top corporate law firms in Kolkata, has an excellent M&A team that is well-versed in providing strategic advising and regulatory solutions, particularly in public and private M&A transactions in both domestic and cross-border agreements.

Law Technology:-

Finding one’s way through the regulatory maze is challenging because of the high level of innovation in the environment and the dynamic nature of the tech sector.

Fox Mandal supports such endeavours as they navigate the regulatory compliance minefield while defending their interests on a business and commercial level.


The Fox Mandal Funds practise group works with some of the most renowned industry experts who assist businesses in strategically optimising funds while upholding the standards expected from one of the best law firms in Kolkata.

Project financing, debt structure and restructuring, private equity, venture capital P2P finance, and other fields are included in the scope of our specialist services.

Alternative Energy:-

A cross-functional, multi-professional team from Fox Mandal’s renewable energy group provides specialist consulting, contractual, and regulatory help for the clean technology, hydropower, wind, and solar energy sectors.

Facilities and Energy:-

Due to our status as one of the top law firms in Kolkata, significant government organisations and members of the private sector hire us to protect their interests and vision while assessing the legal and developmental risks to their business.

Administration, Regulation, and Compliance:-

We are proud to be among the best legal firms in Kolkata for the practise areas of government, regulation, and compliance.

Attorneys and chattering accountants offer a broad range of capability, working in unison with the client’s regulatory and compliance requirements across all practise areas and industries.

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