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How to do Trust Registration in West Bengal

How to Register your Trust in West Bengal?

Trust Registration

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A trust can be created by execution of a trust deed; there are two types of trust. A public trust (charitable trust) is created for the benefit of the general public whereas a private trust is created for the benefit of a particular group of individuals known as the beneficiary.

Trust Registration

The first step to register a trust starts with the drafting of a trust deed. The trust deed is to be executed on appropriate non-judicial stamp paper; the rate of stamp duty differs from state to state. The next step is to seek an appointment with the sub-registrar office having jurisdiction based on the registered office of the trust, and the government registration fee is to be paid after that.

On the appointed date the trust deed is presented before the sub-registrar where all trustees need to be present along with two witnesses. The registration process is then undertaken by the office of the sub-registrar, and the registered deed can be collected after a week time. The next logical step shall be to get the PAN and TAN Number allotted for the trust and open a Bank A/c for the trust.

Documents Required for Trust Registration

  • Documentation of the Trust & Trustee
  1. Trust Deed on Proper Stamp Value
  2. Two Photographs of Members
  3. PAN Card of each Members
  4. Identity Proof of each Members
  5. Address Proof of each Members
  6. Signed Declaration (s) from Members
  • Documentation for the Trust Registered Address
  1. Proof of Registered Office
  2. Utility Bill as proof must be latest
  3. NOC from the owner of premises

Trust Registration Process


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