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How many of us are aware of legal terms?... A very few... legal words in themselves contain complicated things that we don't want to get into it. B. Pramanik legal Services are here to you solve your legal issues with deep perfection. As we all know fraud, crimes, burglary, and accidents, are drastically increased in the last few years so the importance of legal services has increased.

B. Pramanik & Associates handle your case with ease and won't let up until you receive justice. Having a team of the best lawyer and advocates we work on the latest trends, innovations, and changes in the law. Our knowledgeable attorneys and advocates have devoted years to research and study while learning the law, and their work proves it.

Our team of lawyers, business consultants, and tax advisors provide expert advice to help you make sound decisions that anticipate and reduce risk.

We value all human rights and respect the principle of human justice. To this end, we collaborate with the top lawyers and activists in the world and deal in all governmental and non-governmental activities.

Legal assistance includes a variety of legal and human rights issues, including racial and color discrimination, old age, unemployment, police accountability, prisoners' rights, and many others. For those who are dealing with such an issue, our Civil Law and Human Rights Law Unit works on law reform and national and international human rights policy.

People deal with a variety of legal matters, including criminal law, child protection legislation, and education-related difficulties. We deal with all of these situations, which gives us justification to be proactive in this way.


Frequently Asked

What are legal Services?

Access to justice take the help of legal services A normal person can not understand the complicated language and act of legal service so a professional lawyer like us performs this task for you. Judiciary and judges are connected to the legal services. And the main motive of legal services is access to justice.

What is Para Legal Services?

paralegal services are parallel to legal services. It has a few terms:

  • Para legal clinic
  • Legal literacy Camp
  • Para Legal Training
  • Legal Aid Camps


What is the cost of legal services?

In India, legal services are relatively more affordable than in any other nation. However, the legal service process takes a while.

Belong to a rural background can I take your law services free?

Although we cannot guarantee a free service, we may be able to offer you a discount on the offered services depending on your circumstances. Under the National Legal Services Authority Act of 1987, the Indian government established a facility to offer free legal assistance. Such offices are present in each district to provide accessibility.

What is the legal services act?

Legal service act has been arranged to promote legal services based on equal opportunity, and to provide free and competent legal services to the weaker sections of society.

Who regulates law firms?

In India, the profession is governed by the Bar Council of India and the relevant state bar associations.

Who is eligible for free legal services?

There are norms and regulations for such free services, even though some wealthy, illiterate, disadvantaged people and members of weaker societies are subject to them.

What is the legal services act 2007?

The Legal Services Act 2007 is a British law that aims to liberalize and regulate the legal services industry in England and Wales, promote more competition, and give customers a new way to file complaints.

How many different types of lawyers exist in Judiciary System?

In the Indian judiciary system there are various types of lawyers some of them are:

  • Defense Lawyer
  • Business Lawyer
  • Family Lawyer
  • Immigration Lawyer
  • Contract Lawyer
  • Property Lawyer

For every field, B. Pramanik Associates has a variety of knowledgeable attorneys.

Is legal service costly in India?

India offers lower prices than many other nations. However, the lengthy court processes and excessive delays waste a lot of time and effort, which has led to the increased cost of legal services in India.

Do you provide non-legal services?

yes, we do.

How to connect your online and offline?

You can connect with us with online and offline sources Location: 158, Dumdum Road, Kolkata – 700074, West Bengal, India
(Beside Dumdum Ghoshpara State Bank E-Corner; Landmark – Dumdum Hanuman Mandir)

Phone: +91 9339055647



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