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What Are The Various Areas Of Law To Practice?

We know,there are different types of law to practice,which is essential for all for needy person those who need help regarding laws.So,please keep in touch that you have to know regarding which laws to practices which are briefly described as belows:-



Many people believe that the legal profession is just concerned with appearing in court and representing offenders.

The bar actually covers a wide range of topics and specialties.

Lawyers occasionally start out in one area of practice before branching out to try something else later in life.

This is due to either a deliberate choice to steer clear of the legal industry or the fact that that field was the opportunity that was most readily available to them after graduating from law school.

Few lawyers, meanwhile, are aware of their ideal practice area from the very beginning of their legal careers.



The country’s Constitution is regarded as the highest law.

It regulates national affairs and includes the rights and obligations of both the government and the populace.

One of the most crucial courses in law school is the study of the Constitution.

One of the most lucrative fields of law in India is the practice of constitutional law.

Thanks to their extensive training and experience, the majority of top lawyers in India will be constitutional specialists.

The constitution may be a large area of the law with numerous cases and jurisprudence to keep up of, similar to the practice of human rights law.

You must visit the High Courts and Supreme Court to resolve these disputes.



This is a neighborhood of the law that’s often considered the foremost interesting and involves defending criminals or advocating for the innocent in cases of murder, rape, theft, etc. legal code requires an understanding of court procedures, police investigations, and therefore the Indian legal code, 1860. Typically, lawyers who enjoy court-facing lawyers practice legal code. Most law aspirants, dream of practicing within the courtroom as criminal lawyers thanks to the sector being intriguing and interesting. One will see that there’s a bent to avoid practicing legal code in India thanks to questions of safety and low pay, as compared to salaries in law firms at the beginning of your career. However, the amount of legal code cases is on the increase, and practice within the field pays well as you progress ahead in your career if you’re a first-generation lawyer. The foremost successful and well-known lawyers in India are criminal lawyers.



Corporate law focuses on legislation pertaining to company facilitation and management.

A business attorney can provide agreement advice, drought a contract, or negotiate terms on behalf of a client.

Corporate attorneys advise clients from the comfort of their offices rather than appearing in court.

The Indian Contract Act, 1872, and the Business Act, 2013, must both be understood.

Young graduates are swarming to famous law firms to practice corporate law because of the hefty compensation packages, making it one of the most lucrative areas of practice in recent years.

A corporation lawyer’s schedule will be extremely demanding.



The practice of environmental law in India can be a growing area of this law. It can deals with laws which is concerning air, water, wildlife, biological preservation, and environmental protection. With the recent creation of this National Green Tribunal, there are many more environmental law cases which is being litigated and corporations are taking environmental compliance more seriously. Environmental issues are affecting many of us which is often have an underlying constitutional aspect. So,being an environmental lawyer which also can allow you to figure more easily for international organizations like WWF- India or any government departments. So, the practice of an environmental law which can allow you to figure out during a sort of settings that are different from the traditional firm or lawyer’s office.



Personal laws, which have an impact on citizens’ interpersonal interactions, are dealt with in family law.

Divorce proceedings, lawsuits involving child custody, and property law all involve family lawyers.

In India, family lawyers must influence a number of laws, some of which may be intricate regulations dictated by one’s faith (Hindu laws, Muslim laws, etc.).

Because family law concerns touch families and young children, family lawyers frequently handle situations that will be quite emotionally challenging.



Lawyers that specialize in human rights represent those who have had their rights violated.

The practice of human rights law in India is frequently hard and drawn-out as everyone fights for their day in court, but this is also one of the more rewarding areas of the law because there is frequently a weak party at one end that needs legal counsel as well as the relief.

Being an ethical human rights attorney requires one to be aware of the fundamental liberties guaranteed by the Indian Constitution.

The Code of Criminal Procedure in India is one example of a procedural law that reflects human rights values.



Securing and defending legal rights in relation to innovation, discoveries, and creations is the subject of intellectual property law.

The goal of the law is to protect the intellectual property rights of corporations, authors, and artists.

A property attorney will frequently offer guidance on matters involving the interpretation of laws pertaining to patents, copyrights, or trademarks.

With the rise of the media and show industry, one sector that has seen substantial growth in recent years is property law.

The tasks involve registering real estate, writing legal notices, and taking steps to enforce agreements that have been broken.

The many attractive opportunities in businesses like Netflix and Dharma Productions might keep you closer to business than other areas of the law.



The laws governing the transfer and inheritance of property are the subject of property law.

Property law is a lucrative area of the law, and when families litigate over disputed household properties, there may be some crossover with family law.

Property lawyers, however, can also be involved in land deals, much as those who handle the major building projects that are common in emerging nations like India.

Reviewing tenancy contracts and rent agreements, which are simple and commonplace under Indian law, is another aspect of practicing property law.



Within the last 20 years, the field of securities law has experienced significant growth.

It emphasize investment principles and consequently the financial industry.

Legal difficulties involving fintech operators are becoming more frequent as the Indian economy and fintech operators both grow there.

In India, one may typically find big legal firms with excellent practice areas.

One should be familiar with the Securities and Exchange Board of India’s rules (SEBI).

The legal education process is designed to give law students a leg up in these areas of the law so that the average law graduate has a foundational understanding of them all.

The student can then choose the field in which they want to specialise and pursue after graduation.



Tax attorneys may be expected to represent clients in proceedings before special tax tribunals and provide advice on the application of provisions of the Tax Act of 1961.

One of the most challenging aspects of law to grasp is the comprehensive understanding of complicated laws required.

However, unlike other practice areas where difficulties are repeated and templates are used, each case is typically quite unique in this one.

Additionally, there aren’t as many lawyers practicing in this area as there are in other practice areas, which reduces competition.

In India, the law is regarded as a separate field of practice, very similar to other nations.


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