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Intellectual property rights are referred to as IPRs. IPR protects a fresh creation or invention from being copied by others and operates in agreement with IP standards. Simply said, if you develop something unique, it may be literary work, musical work, or inventory you should stop others from imitating it. By protecting your product with a patent or trademark.

In general, these essentials are covered under intellectual property.

  • Copy write: Copy writing is a method that protects an invention from being copied by others. it concludes a product handbook, movie script, song lyrics, poem, artistic work, computer-generated work, etc. comes under copy writing law.
  • Patent: A patent can be obtained for any technological innovation or improvement including small tools and large machines. Every idea eventually converts into a service or product. It's important to have a patent to keep them from being copied by others.
  • Trademark: You must have noticed that many brand names end with the mark TM; this is a trademark. Trademarks protect a company's logo, design, and recipe, technology, services method.
  • Industrial design: The shape, color, dimension, lines, texture, and feel of a product are all part of industrial design. Industrial design is primarily concerned with a product's outside and inner specifications.

Geographical Indication: Geographical indications are used to identify a specific product and indicate the place of origin. Examples of these products include food items, natural products, handicrafts, and agricultural products. IPR and trademark law is a broad area that covers many other legal concepts.

Our service benefits in IPR & Trademark

IPR and trademark services are expertly provided by B. Pramanik Association. We operate with our greater competence and with a thorough understanding of the law to serve our diverse clients with IPR services.



Frequently Asked

Can you provide trademark services in UK?

Yes, We provide trademark service all over the world.

Do trademarks applicable internationally?

Generally speaking, the exclusive rights are only valid under the laws of the nation or region where a patent application was made and approved.

What are the trademark rules in India?

As per the latest rules by 2022 Trademark comes under IPR (Intellectual Property rights) presently it is followed by the Trademark rules of 2017. This act is applicable in all rules and steps whether applying to renew or canceling the mark.

Why are trademarks so expensive?

A trademark is something that protects your valuable inventions from copying by others whatever charge it takes it is the value of money. B. Pramanik Association is the firm that works for you with minimal cost in the industry.

Is IPR the same as copyright?

IPR refers to intellectual Property rights and copyright a part of IPR.

What thing doesn’t come under a registered trademark?

There are some marks that don’t come under registered trademark such as:

  • The trademark without distinguishing characteristics
  • A mark that violates the Emblems and Names Act
  • The symbol that links a specific caste and religion.
  • The brand that perplexes and deceives consumers.
  • A mark that is already confusingly similar to an established mark.

What is the process to take IPR services from you?

For IPR and trademark service you can connect with us

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Is it necessary to hire an attorney to file a patent?

Overall, you can submit a patent application online on your own, although it is advised to consult an attorney for IPR law. The process of filing for and authoring a patent requires a number of technical terms that not everyone is familiar with. An attorney will assist you if
you become stuck somewhere in the law because they are educated about it.

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