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Assurance and auditing are the fundamental and most significant components of any firm. The B Pramanik Association specializes in assurance and auditing services. While performing auditing and assurance, we work on every business with attention and deal with extreme accuracy.

When the term "auditing" appears, all financial statements are meant to collect in one area. We can say auditing is a nightmare for any firm.

B. Pramanik Associates is here to handle it without difficulty; our knowledge of the subject and over 10 years of experience in the field enable us to carry out our duties without issue. The auditing procedure involves reviewing your companies accounting entries that are found in the company's financial statement.

Our mission is to deliver superior audit, accounting, tax, and consulting services in a personal and professional manner, our main focus is earning the respect of our customers so that we can build a long-term relationship with them.

Our common target is to define who we are as a company and provide realistic solutions to their business problems while staying honest, impartial, and responsible.


Frequently Asked

What does audit and assurance do?

Auditing is the process of examining and scrutinizing a company's financial statements (profit & loss, balance sheets, income, turnover, etc.). while assurance is the process of determining whether all the documents provided by the company are genuine or not. Assurance is a crucial component of auditing. Because a company's worth depends entirely on assurance, The assurance team guarantees to the audit firm that the company's records are accurate and that they are qualified to apply for loans, etc.

What is the difference between audit and assurance?

Auditing is all about checking the company's statement. On the other hand, assurance is to clarify that every information provided by the company has no fraud. If the assurance team found it fraud and suspect then the auditing team take strict action and the company deprived form various financial advantages.

Why audits and assurance are important?

Audit and assurance are mandatory to know the proper value of the company.

what are auditing and assurance principles?

Well, there is various principal that an auditing and assurance team should follow:

  • Integrity (Honesty)
  • Objective and Independent
  • Confidential
  • Experienced and qualified
  • Proper documentation and filling
  • Planning
  • Auditing evidence

Auditing and assurance important for specialized industries?

Every company must go through a necessary procedure of auditing and assurance. It falls under the policies of the government. If you own a business, you must audit it for the benefit of the enterprise.

Auditing and assurance standards in India?

The ICAI in India publishes standards for assurance and auditing. ICAI (Institute of Charted Accountants) established the Auditing and Assurance Standard Board (AASB). As a result, the AASB produces Statements on Standard Auditing Practices and Auditing and Assurance Standards. These factors became prominent to operating the business.

What is your expertise in audition and assurance?

B. Pramanik Association has the expertise of over 10 years in auditing and assurance. We are a certified company in the auditing and assurance field.

Company ITR connected to auditing?

Yes, auditing is a lengthy process, and company ITR is just a small part of the entire process.

How often do firm auditing happen?

It must occur once a year, although many organizations only do it every two to three years.

Is it possible to do auditing digitalized?

As the country moves toward digitalization, anything can be done effortlessly online. However, auditing takes time and should be carried out under competent supervision. A big organization needs an auditor to perform it precisely, while a small corporation can audit it digitally.

Any fraud possible in auditing and assurance?

The process of assurance involves looking for frauds in business statements. Yes, your audit team needs to be sincere and reliable to lawfully do the assignment.

Do we need a firm to do auditing?


How can we reach you?

You can reach us by following the location. Location: 158, Dumdum Road, Kolkata - 700074, West Bengal, India (Beside Dumdum Ghoshpara State Bank E-Corner; Landmark - Dumdum Hanuman Mandir)
Phone: +91 9339055647

Do you provide service all over India?

Yes, we do

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