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Buying property is an old investment even though it is considered wise in today’s generation. Having a home or a piece of land is a lifetime achievement, and it is thought to help with future financial difficulties. However, many buyers of real estate experience challenge because of a lack of confidence and trust.

B. Pramanik Association is an organization that may assist you in dealing with such a property issue and in finding the answer to your question about all property matters.

The legal issue that occurs while owning a property

Whether it's a buyer or seller they both find difficulties while selling or purchasing a property. They stuck with some issues such as:

Possession of Property:-

Several problems could arise while in ownership of a property, including delays in possession and the construction of illegal properties buyers experience severe emotional and financial distress when they deal with such issues. In these situations, we offer better legal counsel and solutions.

Property Agreements:

Delays in property agreements are another problem that occurs when buying property and people encounter it frequently. We assist you throughout the procedure to determine what is legal or illegal, and then we go on to the conclusion of the process.

Property Registration:

Registration of a property includes a lot of legal things and processes. accompany of a good law firm can lead you to the right path towards your goal.

Ownership issues:

Sometimes, ownership issues are caused by property fraud and ignorance of the facts. Property ownership disputes result in a difficult and drawn-out procedure.


Frequently Asked

What is real estate finance law?

Investing in real property by knowing all the legal terms related to it and real estate finance also connected to all types of loans and financial issues related to property.

What do real estate lawyers do in India?

In India, a real estate lawyer assist you by providing legal counsel both before and after purchasing a property. They deal with problems like property ownership, registration, loans, etc.

Can you guide us to invest in real estate?

Yes, we can

Types of real estate?

In today’s era where real estate has expanded very much generation where a boom in the real estate industry and many different types of real estate are popular.

  • Commercial Property
  • Residential Property
  • Industrial Property
  • Agricultural Land
  • Open Land

What is the importance of an attorney in the Real estate sector?

A real estate attorney can represent your interests and prevent you from suffering significant financial loss whether you are buying or selling a property. They will provide you with accurate advice regarding whether or not you should make this real estate investment.

What are the issues that occur in real estate?

There is a various issue that occurs while investing in real estate.

  1. Location: If you plan to invest in real estate, the location you choose is crucial. Purchasing a home that is not in high demand, is well-equipped, and suffers from a problem is pointless.
  2. Return on property: It is a smart idea to invest in real estate that will generate a profit over time. Therefore, if people purchase property, they always ensure that they will receive a good return.
  3. Future development: To avoid investment disappointment, the project you invest in should have sound future development plans.

What is your advice before investing in real estate?

This is our best recommendation for investing in a suitable area, as we just discussed in our previous inquiry. Make sure you will receive a fair return on the property you invest in and that your property will continue to develop.

How do we reach you?

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