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GST & Income tax

B. Pramanik Association is a renowned law practice firm that handles a variety of legal issues. GST & Income tax is one of them. GST is a tax that the government charge on product and services whereas Income tax is determined based on the overall amount of income a person earns over a financial year.

B. Pramanik Association assists businesses and firms in calculating actual GST and income tax as per the Government rules and regulations.

The issues with India's current indirect tax system, which is a significant barrier to the creation of a single common market and future economic progress, would be greatly reduced by the implementation of a contemporary Goods and Services Tax (GST).

GST and income taxes are important to a country's economy because they determine how much each individual is paid and how much they are contributing to the welfare of the country.

Direct tax includes Income tax, corporation tax, property tax, Wealth Tax, Inheritance Tax, Gift Tax

Indirect tax: Excise duty, Service tax, sales tax, VAT now they have all combined as a GST

Terms that are applicable for GST

The government has a few guidelines and regulations for applying the GST.

An applicant for GST:

  • If your company generates more than $20,000 in revenue, then you must pay GST.
  • In other words, if you conduct business from one state to another, you are subject to the GST.
  • If you engage in online business, such as e-commerce, then you are applicable to pay GST. GST has four types
  1. C-GST (Central GST)
  2. S- GST (State GST)
  3. UT-GST (Union territory GST)
  4. I-GST ( Integrated GST)

All GSTs are applicable. According to the business and income module.

Basic concepts of Income Tax

Income tax is a form of direct taxation that the government levies against individual earnings. These earnings are divided in 5 forms

  • Salary Income
  • Pensions Income
  • Income from house property
  • Income from business and profession
  • Income from capital gain (Land, building, bonds, Share market, Mutual funds, etc).

B. Pramanik Association has experience with all types of taxes, paperwork, and offering services in a clean manner.



Frequently Asked

How to calculate GST and income tax?

To calculate GST you must be aware Net price of the goods and the relevant GST rate that applies to the Good GST may vary 5%. to 12%), While income tax is a direct tax on certain types of income that the government has established for a certain amount.

Is GST different from income tax?

while they both are taxes but different from each other

Is GST taxable income?

Yes, GST is a taxable income

Were government use these GST and Income taxes?

Government uses these taxes for the county and regional needs, including infrastructure, water management, road construction, energy, etc.

What is the difference between income tax and vat?

Income Tax is a Direct tax that government takes on some particular earing.VAT is an old form of GST.

What is your expertise in the field of GST and income tax?

Our staff includes skilled lawyers who have helped several clients submit their income taxes and GST.

Does income tax and GST differ from business to business?

Yes it differs from business to business. It may vary on the percentage as well.

What happens in case of default in income tax and GST?

It is advised to file your income tax and GST returns on time because failing to do so could result in significant problems down the road.

How do income tax and GST apply to freelancers?

According to government regulations, taxes and GST are also applicable to freelancers. whether from work or a business, if your revenue will be reflected in your account then you are applicable to GST and Income tax as per the government rules.

Can I pay my GST and income tax online?

Indeed, you can pay your income tax and GST online. There are some online payment options for income tax and GST.

How to connect with you for GST and income tax services?

Location: 158, Dumdum Road, Kolkata – 700074, West Bengal, India  (Beside Dumdum Ghoshpara State Bank E-Corner; Landmark – Dumdum Hanuman Mandir)

Phone: +91 9339055647



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