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Consumer Protection

We all are a consumer at some point in time we all buy a product and take services. The purpose of consumer protection law is to protect consumer rights. Whenever we purchase a service or product and if we have an issue relating to that service or product We have the option to register a claim in consumer court.

Consumer Protection Act founded in 1986 it was originated to protect consumer rights. Consumers are those who purchase goods and services from vendors. When a product or service does not meet the terms of the contract, such as when the price is higher than the MRP, the product is not what is described on the cover, or the product is irrelevant, the customer has the right to sue the vendor.

The B.Pramanik Association offers consumer protection services to customers who have been deceived by goods and services. Our attorney has extensive knowledge of consumer protection laws and terms. They will assure you provide greater guidance and a resolution to your problem.


Frequently Asked

What is the consumer protection Act in India?

Consumer Protection Act works for consumer rights and is ruled by the government of India.

The Consumer Protection Act is separated into sections, and each section is distinct and makes it simple for consumers to apply.

How to file complaints as a consumer?

A consumer allows to file a complaint under section 12 of the Consumer Protection Act of 1986. You can file a complaint with the assistance of your attorney in a district, state, or national consumer forum.

What are consumer protection legal requirements?

Some specific detail that is required while filing complain

  • Name of both parties (Consumer and Vendor)
  • Fact related to the issue
  • Related documents (Payment slip, photos, videos)
  • Consumer’s required compensation
  • Signature of applicant
  • Affidavit with verifiable confirmation

Consumer Protection act and Rera?

RERA (Real estate regulation Act) .This Act specifically targets homebuyers to promote investment and prevent fraud and misrepresentation in issues regarding real estate. Rera originated In 2017 to avoid problem-related properties such as late delivery,
incomplete projects, cost-effective construction, and Regulatory issues. This Act was created by the Indian government to address the problem of builders scamming buyers, delivering poor property, and delaying property.

Consumer Protection: consumers’ rights tackle a variety of client problems and not only focus on one issue, like Rera.

Is the consumer Protection Act legal?

Yes, consumer protection is regulated by the Indian government, and it is entirely lawful for all Indian citizens.

What is your expertise in consumer protection services?

We have benefited various clients to resolve their various property issues.

Do you provide consumer protection Overseas?

yes we work overseas as well and provide our all facilities to abroad clients as well.

How to reach you for consumer-related issues?

Location: 158, Dumdum Road, Kolkata – 700074, West Bengal, India  (Beside Dumdum Ghoshpara State Bank E-Corner; Landmark – Dumdum Hanuman Mandir)

Phone: +91 9339055647



What are the business benefits of the consumer protection Act?

As we are just discussing the consumer benefits of the consumer protection Act but this Act is helpful of businesses also. we can point out our business benefits here:

  • Reasonable justification: Reasonable justification shows the moral need of a corporation to treat customers fairly and to value and respect them.
  • Long-term commercial interest: When a customer is satisfied with your services, a firm might expand. A company can have a long-lasting relationship with clients if it provides its goods and services honestly.
  • Governmental Action: Government interference won't ever occur if your goods and services are genuine toward your customers. The government will renew your license rapidly, and you’ll be valuable to them.

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