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B. Pramanik Association takes better care of account and taxation matters. Handover accounting and tax-related tasks to a professional is usually a good idea because even the smallest error in accounts may make or break your company. B Pramanik Association has years of experience in accountancy and tax services.

Accounts and Tax is the most important part of any business or firm no matter whether it’s a well-established company or just a startup.

Accounting is a key aspect in order to staying current and educated with a company's financial terminology and learn about a company's financial condition.


Frequently Asked

What connection exists between taxation and accounting?

Accounting and taxes are two distinct things that are also deeply intertwined. Accounting is a process of calculating financial accounts and numbers, that are used in all forms of taxation. Tax calculations are done using these statements.

Is tax part of accounting?

No, Accounts and Tax are different aspects of any business Accounting includes all financial statements of a company whereas tax depends on government laws.

Can Accounts help with taxes?

Yes, Accounts help with taxes. An account is the complete financial biodata of your company and organization and taxes are applicable on the basis of that financial statements.

Business and accounting and taxation in India?

Each nation has its own set of tax laws and regulations. The government makes the decisions about the procedures to be followed when applying taxes. Thus in India, it is ruled by the Indian Government..

What is Tax?

Taxes are those funds that the government collects from citizens for the welfare of social security, health care, and infrastructure-related objectives. These taxes include GST, service tax council tax, income tax, and corporate tax.

Why cannot taxation and accounting be digitalized?

Well. The accounting and taxation industries are becoming increasingly digitalized in this progressively digitalized world, yet the strength and perfection of human labor cannot be underrated. While basic accounting and taxation can be performed digitally, deep strategy and calculation are best handled by manual effort.

What service includes an Account and tax?

As accounting is a complete financial statement of a business or company it includes all the services related to it, such as tax planning, strategy, employment information, where to invest, how to invest, etc..

Are you an advisor or service provider?

We deal with both; we offer advisory services as well.

Do you work for all kinds of businesses?

Yes, we deal in all kinds of business whether it is a well-established business or a startup, private or government firm.

What are the accounting and tax expenses?

Accounting and tax expenses may vary according to the business or services for more details u can contact on Phone: +91 9339055647 Email:

Accounting profit vs taxable profit?

Accounting profit is the total amount of money a company generates after deducting all costs from all sources. Where Taxable profit reflects a business profit that must be acknowledged by the government.

Do accounts help with taxes?

Yes, hiring a supplier of account and tax services for your company will primarily enhance your ability to save money and decrease your taxes through effective account management.

Can we have your service all over India?

Yes we do provide service all over India. Presently we are working with various clients and delivering our services across India.

How many branches do you have all over India?

Our head office is in Kolkata and we and our team are spread all over India. Sub office are also available

Location: 158, Dumdum Road, Kolkata - 700074, West Bengal, India

(Beside Dumdum Ghoshpara State Bank E-Corner; Landmark - Dumdum Hanuman Mandir)

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