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Benefits that are consistently necessary in Custom and Excise Legal Services

Any commodity that is imported or exported is subject to customs and excise duty, which is an indirect tax paid to the government by a specific country.

The entire process of importing or exporting commodities is covered by the customs and excise legal service, which also involves managing the quantity, quality, and other aspects of the product.

B. Pramanik Association  provide our clients with solutions for the majority of the challenging and complicated customs environments in across India and abroad which  are regulated by the Indian Government.

While importing and exporting, the government requires payment of two types of taxes: customs duty and excise duty.

The fundamental distinction in the legislation governing customs and existing duties

Excise duty: Excise duties are taxes applicable on items that are produced domestically, such as commodities produced in India, and the amount of the tax is based on the quantity of the goods. Excuse duty is paid by manufacture of the goods direct to the government.

Custom duty: Only products that are exported or imported from India are subject to customs duty, which is determined by the quantity of items. Custom duty is paid by manufacture of the foreign good to the central government. The 1962 Customs Act, which includes all applicable procedures for products and taxes, including value, amount, and penalties, governs both of their obligations.



Frequently Asked

What is custom and excise duty importance?

Custom and excise duties are important to the welfare of the country economy growth and information of good quantity and quality. This is a fee that a nation charges for the use of its infrastructure and services.

What are your expertise in custom and excise duty?

B. Pramanik Association has performed legal work on a various of clients' in custom and excise duties. With our legal experience, we advise and guide them as whether where the duty is applicable to their item in context of their ignorance of custom and excise duty and their procedures.

Custom and excise duty have different rates?

Yes, custom and excise duty not only have difference rate but different procedure and documentation.

What if someone do not pay custom and excise duty?

Customs and excise taxes are an indirect but significant tax that are made for the welfare of a certain nation. If it is discovered that someone failed to pay the required taxes, they must face a huge fine.

Does these duties work on countries agreement?

Yes, every specific country and region have their own term on custom and excise duty

How to connect you for custom and excise duty services?

you can reach us at:

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What is the process of custom duty?

The Central Board of Indirect Taxes & Customs controls custom duty. This department examines all imported goods that comes in India from other countries then they determining  duties in accordance with the product policy.

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