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Property Management

B. Pramanik Associates offers the greatest Property Management Services in the industry. 


This Kolkata-based firm is the finest option for your superior property management system.


Having a property and its management these two things are really important and associated with each other.


When the owner of the property is not utilizing the property and have nobody to take care of as well, then the role of the property management industry arises.

B. Pramanik Associates is the best property management company to handle all of your property issues, including documentation problems, water & electricity problems, rental problems, taxes, and more.


We serve Indian and NRI clients and look after both commercial and residential properties, we ensure you that our service will save you time energy, and hassle. 


If you are living out of state or country and worry about that who will take care of your property in your absence then no need to worry more.


B. Pramanik Associates is here for you to protect your property, provide you with rent on time, and take care of your all legal and taxes issues.


So, let's Connect with us for any kind of property management issues and services.


Frequently Asked

What Property Management does?

Basically property management service manages your property whether it’s rented, commercial, residential, etc. It takes care of your property when you are sitting somewhere or your property is located somewhere.

What are property management services?

Property management services include:-

      • Manage your rental property.
      • Manage your residential, and commercial property.
      • Take care of your property if you are sitting out of State or Country.
      • Provide you possession on time.

Why property management is required?

The importance of property management can’t be denied. You can’t manage your property all the time if you are not living there. You need somebody to take care of your property.

In that case, property management service plays their role.

How to connect with you?

For any property management service in Kolkata connect with B.Pramanik & Associates log in to the website: Email to: or WhatsApp

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