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B. Pramanik Association is a venue where you may get legal assistance with a variety of agreements. such as business services, licensing and registration applications, legal matters, divorce, property disputes, and many more.

In addition to all of these services, we also provide you with a variety of legal services, such as:

  • Business Setup in India
  • Business setup abroad
  • NRI Legal Services
  • UK Legal Services
  • Indian Legal Services
  • USA Legal Services
  • London Legal Services
  • Digital Signature

Every client should be aware of some of our intentions and legal phrases as well because we offer services abroad.

Business Setup in India: B. Pramanik Association has offices throughout India, mostly in well-known cities like Kolkata, Delhi, Mumbai, and Banglore, where it provides legal services to a wide range of clients. Many of our clients were provided justice in their legal matters within the allotted period. We provide justice for our clients rather than just a repeating date.

Business setup Abroad: Additionally, the B. Pramanik Association works on international platforms. We have qualified attorneys who work with both domestic and foreign clients simultaneously. Because of our knowledge, we can deal with clients from other countries and provide service on practically every continent.
Our clients are pleased with the services we provided them with justice, regardless of how complicated the situations we handled including other countries.

NRI Legal Services:Several NRI clients have profited from B. Pramanik Association's services. A Non-Resident Indian is thought to have a very difficult time receiving justice, however, the B. Praminin Assistance Program makes it attainable for all NRIs. Our 10 years of dedication to the industry and commitment to helping the Indian diaspora abroad with land, property, and financial issues have earned us the title of "experts" in this sector.Β 
We have all the abilities necessary for NRI professionals who are unfamiliar with the Indian judicial system.

UK & London Legal Services:We serve UK clients as well. Due to the high cost of legal services in the UK, the government of that country essentially hired an Indian lawyer to handle the legal duty.
We complete all tasks for them, including contract drafting, trademark-related work, copywriting, and patent work. We do it comparatively at a cheaper rate than UK (United Kingdom)

Indian Legal services:B. Pramanik Association is an Indian legal service provider law firm that works on various factors of law and advisory. We work on the basis of Indian law their rules and regulations deals with various type of services such as Company Registration Services GST, Taxation & Auditing Services, NGO & Trust Registration, Property
Registration Property Searching & Valuation, IPR & Trademark Attorney Registration & License Services, Government Certification Services.

USA legal services:We also serve clients in the USA. like another country. The American government does believe in Indian lawyers to get justice for their clients. We offer services to both USA clients and Indians who are working in or citizens of the USA. When someone wants to work abroad, we even assist in sending them there.

Digital Signature: A signature is something that defines your identity on some paper or document, on the offline mode it is easy to verify whether a signature is real or fraud. However, how can you protect your files and data against piracy and fraud when it comes to digital signatures? B. Pramanik Association makes your files and data security in the digital realm by protecting them from any type of cybercrime.