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Commercial Drafting

Drafting is a letter that is written by a lawyer in a legal language such as an Agreement, Contract, Deeds, etc. Commercial drafting is an agreement or deed related to all commercial areas, including office buildings, high-rise structures, hospitals, schools theaters, and others. A commercial draft includes the deed or agreement between the parties as well as all of the property's legal terms. It also consists of all the legal law and Act that is set by the government for the particular business.

B. Pramanik Association has experienced lawyers who write commercial drafting in accordance with your case's needs. Our lawyers are skilled wordsmiths who craft articles that are relevant to the topic and context, and we ensure that every single word in the draft deserves a place.

Before beginning any commercial drafting, we ensure that we get a thorough brief from all parties involved. We also gather information about the project and the property, and we aim to write in plain language so that the customer and their subordinates can readily understand it.


Frequently Asked

Who are commercial lawyers?

The lawyer who writes and draft commercial contract are commercial lawyers.

What is the importance of commercial drafting?

Commercial drafting is important it is an agreement between two parties that avoids risk and fraud in the long-term aspects.

Can I get a commercial lease drafting by you?

Yes, B. Pramanik association provides your proper commercial lease drafting services.

What are drafting standards?

Before drafting a contract a lawyer should be familiar with all legal terms relevant to the particular field, and both the client and any third parties should be aware of what is mentioned in the document.

Do I need a lawyer to write a commercial contract?

Yes, an expert lawyer is required to draft a commercial contract. He should have expertise in a particular niche.

What are the basic rules of drafting a commercial contract?

You have to listen to a lot of parties while drafting a contract, including your client, their team, the mediator, the broker, and marketing personnel. In the end, you must decide what is in your client’s best interests while still operating within the law; even if your client requests something that is against the law, you are the one who will advise him as to what is legal and acceptable.

How to connect you?

you can connect us here

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I live in USA can I take your services of commercial drafting?

yes, we provide services all across the world. You can take our service while sitting in USA

How does it cost commercial drafting?

It completely depends on case to case and the proficiency of the lawyer.

what is the main purpose of commercial drafting?

The main purpose of commercial drafting is to avoid risk and the possibility of and dispute between both parties related to property. So the lawyer should keep in that the codes you will have to follow when drafting a commercial contract should be a little more stringent, and it is a serious commitment.

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