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Legal Services

How many of us are aware of legal terms?... A very few... legal words in themselves contain complicated things that we don't want to get into it. B. Pramanik legal Services are here to you solve your legal issues with deep perfection.

Company Services

We also have a special company financial service we offer businesses called the Legal Audit, which is designed to check all facets of legal compliance. We completely advise our clients and then provide comfort to those clients regarding their corporate existence and activities.

NGO & Trust Services

B. Pramanik & Associates specialize in assisting companies and NGOs (Non-Government Organisations)with acquiring trademarks of their name, offering IP registrations, litigations, drafting contracts, and other necessary legal services. Human rights, sustainable development, and social justice are important causes to NGOs.

Registration & Licensing

B. Pramanik Associate is on top among all Registration and licensing services in Kolkata whether it's related to your business, product, services, or property. While initiating a business, people are stuck in a number of licensing and registration- related issues, therefore you need a company with an experience like us.

Accounting & Taxation

B. Pramanik Association takes better care of account and taxation matters. Handover accounting and tax-related tasks to a professional is usually a good idea because even the smallest error in accounts may make or break your company. B Pramanik Association has years of experience in accountancy and tax services.

Auditing & Assurance

Assurance and auditing are the fundamental and most significant components of any firm. The B Pramanik Association specializes in assurance and auditing services. While performing auditing and assurance, we work on every business with attention and deal with extreme accuracy.

Property Services

Once you buy a property, numerous legal documents are connected to it, including registrations, possession letters, property taxes, and occupancy certificates. B. Pramanik Association is a company that handles all property-related legal matters. Whether your property is commercial, residential, or industrial.

Other Services

B. Pramanik Association is a venue where you may get legal assistance with a variety of agreements. such as business services, licensing and registration applications, legal matters, divorce, property disputes, and many more.

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