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B. Pramanik Associate is on top among all Registration and licensing services in Kolkata whether it's related to your business, product, services, or property.

While initiating a business, people are stuck in a number of licensing and registration- related issues, therefore you need a company with an experience like us.

For every type of business or organization, B. Pramanik Associates and their skilled lawyers work on all aspects of registration and licensing.


Frequently Asked

How do I register a company?

To registerer a company you need to follow some simple steps

  • Application for the reservation of a company name on the company registration form (Form CR1) (Form CR14)
  • Agreement in writing.
  • Information about the secretary and directors.
  • Memorandum of association.

These are the basic step to further details we can help you out

How do I get a business license?

To run a business and for your business entity you need a business license by the name of your business. First you should be aware that which license you required and you can apply for a employer tax identification number after that your application process will start

How much is cost to register a company in India?

It varies from business to business. The process and cost are slightly different and can vary depending on the business.

What is licensing?

When one company allows another company to use its brand name, manufacturing process, copyright, trademark, patent, technology, trade secret, etc, with some restriction of time and terms it is called licensing.

How can I get the best services of registrations and licensing?

We have expertise in registration and licensing and we have benefited from various clients in similar field.

How many types of registration do you provide?

You may register a company in a number of situations.

  • Partnership Firm
  • Private Limited company
  • Public Limited company
  • Limited Liability Partnership
  • Solo Entrepreneurship

What is the process of registration and licensing renewal?

If you have registered your company with us then we take care of your all process of registration and licensing renewal.

Do you provide licensing renewal services?

Yes, We do.

Do you provide service for all types of registrations and licenses?

Apart from some exceptional cases we deal in every type of registration and license.

Do you provide service across India?

yes, we provide services across India.

How much experience do you have in a similar field?

B. Pramanik Associate has experience of over 10 years in a similar field and we have a very expert team of lawyers and advocates in our organization.

Do you registered labor license?

yes we registered labor license

Do you provide a license for LLP Business?

Yes, We do

Is it valid to share a license number with anyone?

No. This is something confidential thing it's our advice not to share it with anyone but you can only share it with the most trustworthy person in your business and family.

Do you also provide a gun license?

yes we do

How to connect your online and offline?

You can connect with us with online and offline sources

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