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Law refers to the rules and regulations that are carried out by the government and institutions of the country, To receive justice for our country's citizens and for our system to function effectively.

Civil Law

Many laws fall under civil law. Civil law was primarily established in Europe and is related to certain sections and articles that are defined to provide justice and set some rules for citizens, such as marriage law, which specifies the exact age of a girl and boy to get married. Civil law is fairly simple to comprehend, making it simple to obtain justice.

Corporate Law

Commercial law is referred to as corporate law. The government has established a few guidelines for a business that fall within corporate law. The purpose of corporate law is to control disputes, fraud, and crime in commercial groups and make strong management in the firm.

Corporate lawyers are required in MNCs, the private sector, the public sector, and international businesses.


Frequently Asked

Types of corporate law?

Corporate lawyers are important to the achievement of a firm because they impose rules and regulations following governmental directives.

  • Agreement Law
  • Company Administration Law
  • Investment Capital
  • Purchases and Mergers

What is a corporate lawyer do?

When we discuss Corporate law it is directly related to business and corporations, not to individuals. A corporate attorney handles things like company administration, fund, contract, business procedure, shareholders, and promoter’s fund.

Who are the participants in an organization?

To run a business effectively, some type of the participant is needed in practically every organization and enterprise.

  • Proprietor
  • Supervisor
  • Investigators
  • Workers
  • Debtors and creditors

Are corporate and civil law is same?

Corporate law and civil law are quite similar and rarely diverge. Government policies govern how both laws operate. The main distinction between the two types of law is that civil law is created for people, while corporate law is created for businesses.

Which is better civil or corporate law?

Corporate lawyers and civil lawyers are both distinct. Their responsibilities and roles differ. A corporate lawyer represents businesses and organizations, while a civil lawyer represents the general public.

How do you provide services for civil or corporate law?

We are experts in both corporate law and civil law. B. Pramanik Association is a general practice law firm that handles all types of legal matters.

How can we reach you?

Location: 158, Dumdum Road, Kolkata – 700074, West Bengal, India  (Beside Dumdum Ghoshpara State Bank E-Corner; Landmark – Dumdum Hanuman Mandir)

Phone: +91 9339055647



What is your expertise in civil and corporate law?

B. Pramanik association is a leading legal consulting law firm in Kolkata that offers all types of legal services, the firm is qualified to address both civil and corporate law issues.

What are corporate law cases?

A corporate lawyer’s responsibilities include handling firm contracts, finances, business agreements, cash, billing audits, and several other matters relating to businesses. Corporate lawyers look for and provide organizations with appropriate guidance on how to survive in a competitive environment without engaging in any hustle.

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