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B. Pramanik & Associates is Kolkata based legal firm having experience in various services such as Company Registration Services, GST, Taxation & Auditing Services, NGO & Trust Registration, Property Registration, Property Searching & Valuation, Legal Services, IPR & Trademark Attorney, Registration & License Services, Government Certification Services With years of experience in the legal sector, the firm has knowledge of all parts of the law and it conducts business across India.

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    B. Pramanik & Associates, is a leading one of the top Consulting Law Firm situated in West Bengal (Kolkata).

  • Qualified Leaders

    Mr. Banshidhar Pramanik is the founder of B. Pramanik & Associates, and working with the advocates of many courts in India and also Supreme Court of India (High Court Division) having experience of about 10 years in this field.

    He is skilled in commercial law including tax, business setup, contract drafting, company law,real estate deals, insolvency, employment law and intellectual property registration, as well as dispute resolution.

Our company's purpose is to offer services that provide lawful aid throughout India and make the law accessible to everyone.

We have immense experience in providing legal services to a diverse range of clients, which includes private companies, government establishments, and individuals.

B. Pramanik & Associates, started its operations on 25th March 2014, since then it has been registered as one of the reputed legal firms in India with its headquarters in Kolkata.

B. Pramanik & Associates' prime focus is on providing professional consultations under the following domains: Civil and Criminal Litigations, Corporate and Commercial Suits such as Property services & Legal Disputes, Family and Divorce Matters, GST and Taxation Matter.

We also have professional experts in family law and divorce matters who offer advice on parental responsibility, and expensive asset relief orders - making it easier to resolve cases relating to matrimonial finance.

Apart from this we also offer different types of training programs such as Training on Compensations Plantation Services for Companies/Employers and their employees against their respective employers for any industrial injuries or accidents that occurred at the workplace.

Our team of experts in a specialized field will help you to resolve your all legal problem in one place.

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Advocate B. Pramanik & Associates has a team of qualified attorneys in each of their respective fields and has experience spanning over 10 years. Over the year of experience, we have the ability to complete the assignment perfectly.

We don’t want our clients to take headaches with their legal issues we are here for you. Our main motive is to provide our client with satisfactory results in terms of all legal sectors. We are confident that our skilled team can offer you top care associate services that will assist in resolving your legal problems.

We deliver services around pan India, especially in metro cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Bangalore, and Hyderabad, and in our entire experience, we have benefited various clients with our services.

Our mission is to offer you high-quality consultancy services at your convenience as well as cater to your every need round the clock with utmost sensitivity and accuracy.

We highly believe that success only comes with effort. The efforts we put into will give you the reward you deserve; so let's work together to get what you deserve.

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    We have dedication to high-quality service and reliable counsel in Corporate & Commercial (such as Banking & Property Matters), Policy & Regulatory, Intellectual Property & Trade Legal Guidelines, Litigation & Alternate Dispute Resolution Mechanisms & Industrial Disputes, and Criminal Matters. We also have a dedicated legal team for the petition, notice, agreement, contract, and registration-related professional legal services.

  • Consulting & Advisory

    We conduct extensive research before beginning any tasks, work on terms and conclusions, and develop solid tactics in order to provide our clients with a satisfactory outcome.

  • Turnaround Situations

    The company has the capacity to offer all of these services quickly and at a reasonable cost. We strive to deliver your results as quickly as we can and have the experience to handle a complex case with ease.

    Give us chance to resolve your issue now, and we will be pleased to handle it using our skills.