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How can i register my ngo


We know NGO is a  non    profit  organization. It consists of voluntary group that work for   NGO. It carrying various activities to promote socially or politically range. It is used to play a critical range of society for developing society .It is also used to promoting citizen participation

What are the benefits of NGO Registrations in India?

Avail tax exemption-

Here we register the company as NGO under companies act  2013  , in avail several taxation benefits. Here NGOS are exempted from several taxes.

Right to Acquire Assets

When organization is registered, then it can permitted to acquire land own fixed assets under its common seal. It is against the law for an unregistered organization to buy, hold/sell anywhere.

No Minimum Share Capital Requirement

 Here   ngos   can directly  funded with charity made to them. This means  ngo  do not    have need a higher share capital.

Protection From Personal Liability

 Here you can buy acquire register asset and stakes in the name of ngo. This is a very   well groomed way from protecting hand from unlimited liability occurrence such as    bankruptcy,   judgement,  debt  or  divorce ,etc.

Transfer Of Ownership

  NGOs  registered under company act 2013 are not restricted to transfer their ownership claims or interests earned.


  Exemption On Stamp Duty

Here  are 8 companies as  NGOs   which are not allowed from stamp duty, which results  in  more in tax saving companies.

  Stability Of Entity

   Here registration of organization is effective and responsible leadership in place.               .  Here, political parties, government, donor agencies, and other NGOS.


  Perpetual Succession

This time   an NGO got an unlimited lifetime and can  carry on existing even if the founder/trustees die or leave the NGO.

   Admission To Credit

You can use a loan facility to promote the organization’s activities, finance a mortgage  loan land or fixed assets.


  Name Preservation

Once your organization is registered, no one can use the same name or name similar to it  throughout  india.

Opening Bank Account

Opening a corporate account with a bank for the NGO may signal the fact that is transparent. Some private persons, government, donor  agencies and other NGOs.


 What Documents are Required for NGO Registration?

Here documents which are need for registration are as belows:-

There are documents which are needed for 3 registrations.

 :     For  Trust Registration:-  

§  Particulars  of the Trustee and settlor (Self-attested copy Id and Address Proof along with the information related to occupation).

§  Trust Deed on Proper Stamp Value.

§  Photographs   of Trustee and settlor.

§  PAN  Card of Trustee and  settlor.

§  Documentation for the Trust Registered Address. In the case of rented property (NOC from the Landlord is required).

For Societies Registration:-

§  Name of the  society.

§  Address proof of the working space.

§  Identity proof  of all the 9 members.

§  2 copies  of the Memorandum of Association and By-laws of the society.

For Section 8 Companies Registration:-

§  Copy of I dentity Proof and Address Proof (Including PAN Card).

§  DIR-2(Consent of the directors) along with ID& Address proof.

§  Utility bill  not older than 2 months.

§  Proof of  registered office address.

§  No objection certificate is required if the registered office is not taken on rent.

§  Affidavit  regarding deposits.

§  INC-14 -Declaration by Professionals.

§  INC-15-Declaration by Promoters (INC-14 and INC-15 shall be on the stamp paper, duly notarized).

§  Estimated  Annual Income.

§  Memorandum of  Association and Articles of Association.

§  Particulars of  the promoters as well as Board Members of the proposed company.

What is the Procedure for NGO Registration?

NGO Registration Procedure (As A Trust)

·         Select   An  Appropriate Name.

·         Drafting   Of Trust Deed.

·         Selecting  Settlers  And Trustees Of The Trust.

·         Preparing  Memorandum Of Association.

·         Paying The Requisite Fees.

·         Collection Of A Copy Of Trust Deed.

·         Submission Of The Trust Deed In Registrar.

·         Obtain The Registration Certificate.

NGO Registration Process As  (Section 8 Company)

§  Apply For DSC.

§  Name Reservation Through SPICE+.

§  Submission Of SPICE+ Part A Form.

§  Preparing MOA & AOA.

§  Filing The Details In AGILE PRO.

§  Fill Requisite Details In INC-9.

§  Filing Of Forms With MCA.

§  Pre-Scrutiny Check And Payment Of Requisite Fees.

§  COI From The Registrar.

          NGO Registration Process As (A Society)

              Choosing A Name For Society.

§  Preparing The Memorandum Of A Society.

§  Prepare Documents.

§  Filing Of Application.

§  Get Society Certification.







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