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5 types of cybercrime that required cyber crime lawyer

Cyber Lawyer in Kolkata

Another crime that has recently spread throughout the world is cybercrime. Technology has given us some advantages and disadvantages too.

In this digitalized world cyber crime has taken place all over. 


What is Cyber Crime?

If someone stole your data and information from your computer, laptop or mobile and reuse it in another way with the intention to harm you is called cybercrime. Today, we collect all of our information via personal electronic devices like computers, laptops, and cell phones. Stolen and misuse of this information confirms the cybercrime.


Types of Cyber Crime

Here we are discussing some important cyber crimes that need attention to resolve them.


  1. Cyber harassment

Cyber harassment is one of the major cyber crimes in the digital world. In cyber harassment offender intentionally spread wrong information about someone he is targeting, scaring, blackmailing, send threatening message are some examples of cyber harassment.

If Someone is facing cyber harassment they can take legal action and appoint a cyber crime lawyer to protect themselves from these harmful harassment activities.


  1. Employment fraud

You would have noticed a lot of jobs on different online platforms. Some platforms are genuine, while others are fake. You will always be asked for money by fraudulent job portals in exchange for work. After you pay them, they vanish. This is employment fraud, which is currently widely spread.

You don’t have to sit quietly if you are a victim of cybercrime. Take the service of a cyber crime lawyer near you and punish your offender.



  1. Cyber robbery

Cyber robbery occurs when someone else’s accounts, credit cards, or financial transactions are hacked. Nowadays, everything is done online and through various online payment methods.

Cybercrime has become easier because of offenders who cleverly steal or grab victims’ accounts and utilize them for their own gain.

In order to prevent such activity, cyber robbery also needed the attention of a skilled cyber lawyer.


  1. Misuse of video and images

Cybercrime is defined as the illegal use of a person’s private photos or videos on an online platform. In the age of social media encounter many social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and others on a regular basis.

With the aid of such a platform, if someone uses your private photo or video and abuses it or uses it to blackmail you, the moment has come to employ a cyber crime lawyer to take swift legal action.



  1. Damaged/Hacked Website

Website hackers with bad intentions may have altered or rendered your website inoperable, or they may have included offensive message videos or photos to destroy that company.

There are many different reasons why someone could hack into a system, including political, religious, and other motives.

Such issues can be resolved with the help of a cybercriminal lawyer



Cybercrime is the most dangerous criminal in the digital world. All internet users at some point of time in their life must have faced one of these cyber crimes.

In this article, we have pointed out when it is required to hire a cyber crime lawyer and what type of crimes they can resolve with their expertise.

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