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Divorce Procedure In Kolkata:-

What is divorce occurs here?

Divorce is a topic that falls within the umbrella of family and personal laws, so any jurisdiction’s filing of a divorce lawsuit will adhere to its own rules.

If one has the correct knowledge, filing for divorce in Kolkata can be simpler; else, it can be a painful affair.

The complexities of how to acquire a divorce must be understood.

Kolkata is a metropolis, and residents of South and North 24 Parganas as well as the district of Kolkata go by the name of Kolkata.

So there are some steps which you have to follow to file case which are as belows:-

Area-specific Courts in Kolkata for Divorce Cases

One of the common queries is how to apply for divorce in Kolkata.

One must first comprehend that divorce cases can be filed and heard in either the District Courts or the Family Court.

A person must first determine what jurisdiction applies to him or her based on the address at which they currently reside.

The District Court of Alipore will be the location where the case will be lodged if the defendant has a domicile in South 24 Parganas.

One must keep in mind that North and South 24 Parganas have additional extended courts of Additional District Judges (ADJ) at Barrackpore and Baruipur, and the divorce case may be transferred to these ADJ courts after filing in the appropriate District Courts, depending on the proximity of the residence and the jurisdiction of certain police stations.

You can therefore see that there are some discrepancies when looking for information on how to file for divorce in Kolkata.

How will the jurisdiction be determined and established for divorce cases in Kolkata?

The following elements will determine whether a court in Kolkata has jurisdiction to hear a divorce case:

  • One of the parties or spouses stated in the preceding sentence’s current residential address.
  • The location of the marriage ceremony or the marriage’s registration.
  • The spouse’s permanent address or the address of the matrimonial home.

Where in Kolkata should the divorce case be filed depends on the client or party?

  • A person who wants to file for divorce in Kolkata can make a preliminary determination of jurisdiction based on the territorial jurisdiction described in the previous sentence.
  • The client can speak with his divorce lawyer in Kolkata to determine the precise location to submit the case if the question of how to file for divorce or how to acquire divorce is still on his mind.
  • It is frequently advised that the client speak with his or her attorney to decide where to file the case based on the client’s comfort and convenience.

What court costs are associated with divorce cases in Kolkata?

In Kolkata and throughout West Bengal, the court fee for divorce cases is set.

The court cost is Rs. 200 when someone files a contentious divorce petition, and it is Rs. 100 when someone applies for a mutual consent divorce.

It is important to note that these court costs are the ones that are paid to the court when a divorce case is filed, not the costs that are paid to the attorneys one retains to represent them in court.

When seeking a divorce lawyer in Kolkata, one needs to be aware that the attorney’s cost depends on a number of variables.

What are the things to keep in mind when filing for divorce in Kolkata?

The emotional difficulties persist from the moment one decides to file a court petition for divorce until the court issues its ruling on the case, and occasionally even after.

Consequently, it should be highlighted that specific guidelines and actions must be taken in order to reduce the agony of divorce and the separation process.

  • Do not file for divorce unless you have exhausted all other options, such as judicial separation, counselling with a marriage counsellor, consulting your elders to find a solution, etc.
  • Talk to each other and try to submit an MCD rather than a contentious petition if the marriage is dissolving due to differences in thought, way of life, tendencies, and attitudes.
  • Do your best to resolve issues amicably because going through a protracted divorce can be mentally, emotionally, and financially draining.
  • Before filing for divorce, be sure you’ve done the necessary planning for child custody, future costs, and money management.

This applies to both the husband and the wife, and in the case of the wife, make sure she has a steady source of income.

  • To secure some financial security, if you are the divorcing wife, you should request maintenance as soon as feasible.

A contested lawsuit or an MCD should be filed, which is preferable?

A contentious lawsuit will typically go through several stages in court and take longer than three years to resolve.

Additionally, when you submit a challenged petition, you expose your private life to the public because many people will be watching the case in court, where a lot of unfavourable things could happen or be said that could be emotionally upsetting to you.

Therefore, in my honest view, I advise all of my clients to pursue a mutual consent divorce (MCD) rather than a contested divorce to spare them the needless mental anguish of going through everything. If the Ld. Court is kind enough to waive the 6-month cooling-off period, MCD may end within that time frame as well. MCD may last anywhere from 6 to 12 months.

It is generally advisable to file an MCD and not a contentious petition, taking into account the emotional turbulence that a family experiences after a divorce.


  • How do I choose the court in Kolkata where to file a divorce case?

Ans: The geographical jurisdiction, or the place where the marriage was performed or registered, and the party’s permanent domicile, can be used to determine which court in Kolkata to file a divorce case in.

  • Can I file for divorce in Kolkata if I was married in Kolkata but now live in Bangalore?

Ans: You can register for divorce in Kolkata if you were married there.

  • ย Can I file for divorce and child custody at the same time?

Ans:Yes, you can file both cases jointly, but keep in mind that the parent who does not have legal custody of the child must do so.

  • Before, during, or after the divorce case, when should I file the maintenance lawsuit?

The timing of the maintenance case filing is up to you, and your choice should be influenced by your financial demands and preparation.

  • How can I locate the top divorce attorney in Kolkata?

Ans: You can learn about an advocate in Kolkata by asking around, visiting the court, speaking with the legal clerks, collecting recommendations from friends and family, etc.

Additionally, one can obtain a wealth of information on lawyers online in today’s environment.

You can use any method at your disposal to choose the top divorce attorney in Kolkata.

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