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Procedure of labour employment in Kolkata

There are various steps  of labour employment in Kolkata which have to maintain thoroughly regarding employment of labor which are as below:-

Written Accord:-


Before you start working, an employer must give a written employment contract. A legal document that outlines the document that outlines the terms and circumstances of the agreement is an employment agreement. It outlines the obligations both the employer and the employee have. It provides safety and defence to both parties. The act of signing a contract gives both parties a sense of security. Potential disagreements between the employer and the employee are also avoided by an employment agreement. Before you acknowledge or sign the employment agreement, you are welcome to obtain expert advice. The following are some of the crucial provisions of the written contract:

  • hours of work
  • Title of Position
  • not revealing sensitive information.                                                                                                                                                     Proper to take a vacation:-



  • There are many cases during period of employment is given belows:-
  • Casual leaves- An employee which is given certain causal leaves in a year to take care of any urgency  or any emergency family matter.
  • Sick leaves- These are the leaves that an employee can take when he or she is ill.
  • Earned leaves- These are leaves which are planned  in advance.
  • Other leaves- Besides the above-mentioned leaves there are certain leaves which can paid or unpaid and are provided at the leaves of the employer.


Protection at Work from  Sexual Harassment


Making sure that employees are safe while at work is the employer’s top priority. Under the Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace (Prevention, Prohibition, and Redressal) Act of 2013, incensed women may seek redress. The company’s policy must specify the online   complaints process and explicitly define what sexual harassment is. The organisation must have an internal complaints committee in accordance with the law if there are ten or more employees. A senior woman and two other employees should be members of the committee.

To be entitled to a gratuity:-


In accordance with the law, employees who have worked for the company for five years straight are entitled to a gratuity. On the grounds that the employer is paying for pension and provident fund benefits, it cannot be disputed. When the employee’s employment is complete—which could occur by death, retirement, or termination—they receive this benefit of gratuity. It is a defined retirement benefit plan, with calculations based on the last pay received. It is a significant element of social security and is seen as an expression of appreciation by the employer. With increasing obligation and length of service, gratuities rise in value.

The ability to be paid for  public holidays:-


India has three national holidays: Republic day (26 January), Independence Day (15 August), and Gandhi Jayanti (2 October). Regardless of the establishment, all employees must be given time off on all three days.

Pay parity between men and women:-


Article 39 of our constitution requires equal compensation for equal work for both men and women (d). All additional perks and allowances are included in the concept of equal pay. Employers are required to pay equally for comparable work under the Equal act of 1976.

Employee on Probation Has  Rights:-


For new hires, the probationary period typically lasts six months. The maximum extension the company may grant is three months. More than two years cannot pass during the probationary term.

Right of an employee to obtain insurance:-


In the event of any misfortune occurring while the employee is on the job, in accordance with the Employee State Insurance Act of 1948.

Employee maternity and  paternity leave benefits:-


Every female employee is entitled to 26 weeks of paid maternity leave and access to childcare facilities. Maternity benefits were explicitly created to protect pregnant workers’ interests at work. Eight weeks of prenatal leave are also available. The law also allows for a 12-week leave of absence upon the adoption of a kid who is under three months old.

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