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What legal services are?

What legal services are?


Free Legal Aid is one of the services offered by the legal profession to those less fortunate members of society who are covered by Section 12 of the Legal Services Authority Act of 1987.

It also comprises conducting Lok Adalat for the peaceful resolution of issues that are now pending or that have not yet been filed, through compromise, in order to raise legal awareness through promoting legal literacy In addition, NALSA takes the required actions through social action lawsuits with reference to any issue of particular importance to the society’s weaker groups.

Legal services may include helping the recipients receive their benefits under various government policies, laws, and programs.

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How does one go about receiving free legal services?


A person should contact the appropriate authority listed below depending on the case’s territorial and substantive jurisdiction: The DLSA Legal Services Committee is located in the courthouse for that Taluk, as is the District Legal Services Authority, which is in the courthouse for the District Headquarters, the concerned State Legal Services Authority (for specific cases, panels of which are maintained at the State level), the concerned High Court Legal Services Committee, and the Supreme Court Legal Services Committee.

An application can be submitted at the front desk of each District Legal Services Authority, High Court Legal Services Committee, and State Legal Services Authority.

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 When my legal aid is refused or discontinued?


Before the application for legal aid is approved, legal aid may be initially denied. After the application has been approved and legal aid has been given, it may also be withdrawn at a later time. The following situations may result in legal aid being refused or discontinued:


If a person is determined to be ineligible in accordance with Section 12 of the Legal Services Authorities Act, 1987, legal aid may be refused.

If the applicant who requested assistance under the income group is deemed to have adequate resources, legal help may be withheld; Where the aided person procured legal services through deception or fraud, legal assistance may be removed;


If the person receiving legal help does not cooperate with the Legal Services Authority/Committee or the legal services advocate, legal aid may be discontinued;


Except in civil cases where the right or culpability survives, legal help may be discontinued in the event of the assisted person’s death;

Apart from this, there are many other reasons also when legal aid can be refused or discontinued.




Legal aids are for Humans welfare but it is not always easy to access. There are some pros and cons to it. In this article we have clarified the situations when legal aid can be refused and discontinued, the process to receive legal services, and what legal services are.

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