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How to lodge a consumer complaint online?

Process Of Filing Case:-

To do lodge consumer court online,process to file case in consumer court ,you have to follow some simple steps that you must remember to lodge complaint.There are different types are filed in each and every day which is depending on the specific issue that’s why you have to submit necessary documents for that.So,there are various steps that you have to follow to file consumer court case online which are as below:-


The Consumer Online Resource and Empowerment Center is a website run by the government (

It is a mechanism for filing complaints and resolving grievances that is endorsed by the Department of Consumer Affairs, Government of India, and operated by the Consumer Co-ordination Council.

Registration :-

A consumer must first register on the website before they can file a complaint.

The complaint must create a user ID and password as well as complete out the online registration form with their name, email, address, and phone number.

Filing a Grievance:-

The brand which is register can subject to complaint

The online complaint system covers all brands registered with the Department of Consumer Affairs in its drop down menu of sectors, segments, and brands.


The online complaint can include an attachment with information on the complaint’s nature, any parties involved, and any supporting papers.

You can also indicate the results and the relief you’re looking for.

Status After Being Filed:-

Complaints are given an electronic number.

Until the issue is fixed, this can be used to monitor the complaint’s progress.

How Can We Help?

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