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How To Apply For Society Registration:-

To apply for society registration,you need to know some steps,that you have to remember where to apply for society registration,so plz follow these rules which are as belows:-

Reason for Registration of a Society:-

A society can be registered for philanthropic objectives of political education, the advancement of fine arts, science, or literature, or for the dissemination of useful knowledge.

A society may be registered for the following reasons, per Section 20 of the Society Act of 1860:

  • the support of the arts.
  • political education dissemination.
  • donation of a generous gift.
  • promotion of literature and science.
  • establishing funding for military orphans.
  • Upkeep or construction of public museums or galleries.
  • Here is the making of reading rooms or libraries.
  • promotion, dissemination, or instruction of knowledge that is valuable.
  • natural history museum collections.
  • Here are the use of mechanical and philosophical designs, creations, or tools.                           

Society Registration in India:-

  • At least 7 people are required to form a society, but more are preferred.

Companies, foreigners, and other registered societies may also register for the society’s memorandum of association in addition to Indian citizens.

  • Society can also be registered or unregistered, similar to partnership firms.
  • However, committed properties and/or an ensemble filed against or by the society will only be able to survive registered societies.
  • State governments manage society registration.As a result, the application for society registration must be made to the relevant state agency where the society’s registered office is located.
  • The founding members must first agree on the name of the society before putting together the memorandum and rules and regulations for the society.


Choice of a Name:-

It is important to be aware that the Society Act, 1860 prohibits using a name that is the same as or confusingly similar to one that is already registered for a society when choosing a name for registration.

Furthermore, the proposed name must not imply any favouritism on the part of the state or national governments or violate the requirements of the Emblem & Names Act, 1950.


Articles of Association:-

Every founding member must sign the society’s Memorandum of Association and Rules & Regulations under the witness of a Gazetted Officer, Notary Public, Chartered Accountant, Oath Commissioner, Advocate, Magistrate First Class, or Chartered Accountant, who must also stamp the documents with their full address.

The name of the society and its purpose must be included in the message.

It also includes information about society members’ registration, including their names, addresses, titles, and occupations.

For registration purposes, the following form must be completed, submitted, and signed:

  • Submitting a covering letter with a request for society registration that is endorsed by each founding member.
  • Duplicate and verified copies of the society’s Memorandum of Association.
  • Duplicate copies of the society’s rules and regulations that have been properly signed by all of the founding members.
  • Both the society’s registered office’s address and the landlord’s no-objection certificate (NOC) are required.
  • A document signed by the society’s secretary or president that attests to the relationships between the subscribers.
  • Several minutes of the meeting where the registration of the society and certain crucial documents were presented.


Documents required to register a society In India:-

Societies Registration:-

list of documents are as belows:-

  • List of all members.
  • Pan Card.
  • Proof of residence of members.
  • Memorandum of Association.
  • Rules and Regulations of the society.
  • A covering letter.
  • Proof of address.
  • Self declaration.

The details of the members which has to create society.

It carries address of the registered office of the society.

Rules & Regulations of the Society: The rules and regulations of the society can prepared which has to contain the following information:

  • Rules and regulations by working of society will be governed and maintenance of day to day activities.
  • It can contain the rules for taking membership of the society.
  • The details that occurs meetings of the society and the frequency has to be held is to be mentioned.
  • Information about the Auditors.
  • Forms of Arbitration is also main cause of dispute between the members of the society.
  • There are many ways for dissolution of the society will also be mentioned.

Once the rules have been established, they can be modified, but the President, Chairman, Vice President, and Secretary of the Society must sign the modified regulations.

  • Cover letter: A covering letter will be attached to the beginning of the application and will mention the goal or reason the society is being formed.

All of the society’s founding members will sign it.

  • Proof of Address: A copy of the proof of address showing the location of the society’s registered office, together with, if necessary, a NOC from the landlord.
  • List of all the participants:

Each member of the ruling body must be included, along with their title.

The Registrar of Societies must receive all of the aforementioned paperwork in two copies together with the necessary fees.

The registrar will sign the first copy of the application upon receipt and return it, keeping the second copy for approval.

The registrar will issue an incorporation certificate by assigning a registration number to it after properly verifying the materials.

The Rules & Regulations and Memorandum should be signed and also submitted with required filing fee to the relevant society or state registrar.

If the registrar receives the society registration application and is satisfied, they will certify that the society is registered.

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