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How to register property

These are the entire house registration procedure is broken down that are needed into the following phases:-

1.Determine the Amount Due for Stamp Duty:-

One of the most crucial steps in the property registration process is the payment of stamp duty, a type of tax imposed by the state government. Here state governments can choose the rate of stamp duty, it can differ between those states . It is mainly depending on both sides to measure which is higher ,it can be measure as percentage of full property which is valuable of the house or as the current rate of circle as determined by the state authorities.

2.Construct the Sales Deed:-

One of the most crucial records in the registration procedure is a sales deed. A sales deed must be typed on stamp paper, which can be purchased from a seller or obtained from the internet, in order to be legally legitimate. You will need to hire a competent attorney to create it on your behalf as it is a legal document. The time period from the date of execution until the documents are submitted to the sub-registrar should not be more than four months.

3.Gather the necessary documents:-

A few papers will need to be checked before you may register your property with your sub-registrar. It can speed up and make the process more efficient to have certain papers available

Official identification and address evidence:-
Here, Certificate of NOC for property:-

  • Property owner’s passport size images and also the two witnesses are needed.
    most recent tax payment receipt.
  • If you are currently making payments on your mortgage, the most recent bank statement.
  • Building plan that has received approval from the appropriate authorities.
    Owner’s title deeds to the property.
    To pay stamp duty:-
  • Use cash or a demand draught.
  • Owner’s title deeds to the property.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         4.Schedule a meeting with the sub registrar:-                                                              Property can only be registered in the presence of the sub-registrar whose authority the subject property comes under. The original signer of sales deed paperwork as well as two witnesses must be present here.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 5.Registration Fees Payment:-                                                                                             You will be prompted to pay the registration fees when the sub-registrar validates the authenticity of the papers and stamp duty paid. The registration cost is 1.5% of the entire value of the property if you made a reservation within four months of signing the sales deed. You can ask the sub-registrar to still hear your case if you’ve waited more than four months, but you’ll have to pay a large fee. This fan may even double the initial registration price in some cases.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   6.Gathering Registered Paperwork:-                                                                                           You will receive the registered original paperwork back after the sub-registrar has approved  the documents. To preserve records of property ownership, they will hold onto  copies of the originals. The book and page number where the registration of property data A property is a lifetime investment, therefore you need to safeguard it from  theft and legal issues. Nobody can contest the legal ownership of your home once it has been registered in your name or stop you from selling it in the future. First-time homeowners should make sure to complete the registration of the property as soon as they obtain the handover for their new house are recorded are shown on the registered paperwork.


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