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What is the Need of Consumer Protection?

There are various reasons why consumer there is rising need of consumer protection which are as belows.So,below are reasons,so please take a look:-

Who is a consumer, exactly?

  • Consumers are those who acquire items of all types, as well as goods and services, only for their own consumption rather than for resale or manufacture.
  • A consumer may be a single person or a collection of people.
  • The benefits of consumer protection extend to both businesses and consumers.
  • Customers need this consumer protection forum to keep them informed about their purchase in order to obtain accurate information about the goods and services.
  • Customers are able to make informed judgments as a result, while enterprises are prevented from spreading false information.

Indian Consumer Protection Measures:-

  • Here,consumer protection measures can be done all over india.
  • The measures also take the form of Acts, which undergo periodic reform and restructuring.

1986’s Consumer Protection Act:-

  • Here,consumer rights act safeguards and can inform customers of their rights.
  • To safeguard consumer rights, there are three-tiered dispute resolution venues.

Indian Contract Act, 1972:-

  • The Indian Contract Act lays down the conditions that need to be fulfilled by the parties who contract in an agreement. This act regulates the buyers by keeping a legal check on their promise to sell authentic products to the seller. This Act protects the interest of both parties. It takes care that the contract is not breached, else respective remuneration has to be paid for such breach.  

The 1930 Sales of Goods Act:-

  • In the event that the products that consumers get are of poor quality, this safeguards their rights.

The 1999 Trade Marks Act:-

  • This law can shield consumers from deceptive marks that induce to purchase a product and providing them by supplying goods.

What are Consumer’s Rights?

According to the Consumer Protection Act of 1986, a consumer is entitled to the following rights:

  • the right to knowledge.
  • the privilege of safety.
  • the freedom of decision.
  • being able to be heard.
  • the right to knowledge and education about consumers.
  • laws protecting consumers.  

    Consumers can say against exploitation that thanks to variety of consumer protection legislation.

The following are laws that protect consumers:-

Right to Complain at Any Time and From Anywhere:-

  • With this new entitlement, consumers that now can submit complaints to District Commission or the State Commission from practically anywhere.
  • The geographical restriction is eliminated by this right.

Possibility of Pursuing Damages Under Product Liability:-


  • The consumer is from any harm that can be caused by subpar goods or services.
  • This vendor is responsible for compensating the consumers for the losses.
  • The ability is to request a hearing via video call conferencing.
  • This enables customers that participate in video conferences and yet show themselves that can use for hearing.
  • Government’s role in promoting consumer protection
  • Consumer protection is given priority by the government.
  • This reform helps forward the goal of the “New India” movement.


The following are the government’s responsibilities for consumer protection:-

  • The government adopted legislation to uphold consumer rights, which in turn offers a procedure for handling complaints about subpar goods and services.
  • Consumers can resolve their complaints by going to consumer dispute redressal forums at the district, national, and state levels.
  • A law has been introduced to create the Customer Protection Authority, which is responsible for looking into consumer complaints.
  • In order to properly address each sort of contract unfairness, the government bill categorise them.

How Can One Ensure That Their Rights Are Upheld as a Consumer?

  • Learning more about one’s rights as a customer is the first and most important step in safeguarding such rights.
  • A customer must be well aware of his or her rights and understand when, when, and how to exercise them.
  • A customer will benefit from this by being reminded to be vigilant and by feeling more certain that, should something go wrong, they will be able to enforce their legal rights.

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