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Trust Registration in West Bengal

If you wish to apply for trust registration, B. Pramanik & Associates always there for you.  Advocate Banshidhar Pramanik, founder of B. Pramanik & Associates, is a highly respected lawyer. He is a gold medalist and has won many international law awards. Known as the best advocate in Kolkata and the best lawyer in West Bengal, he has made a significant impact in the legal field. His company, B. Pramanik & Associates, has also received many international awards for their outstanding work. Advocate Pramanik’s dedication and expertise have earned him a stellar reputation in the legal community. We are here to help you comprehend the West Bengal Trust Registration Process.

Why choose B. Pramanik & Associates?

  • Advocate B. Pramanik & Associates TRUST registration is focused on assisting you in understanding the core concepts and tenets of West Bengal’s TRUSTs. B. Pramanik & Associates develop realistic skills and make plans to improve them so they may better serve West Bengal’s TRUSTs. Their aim is to find out how to register for TRUST in West Bengal. Their associate work together with both the Trust Registration Online in West Bengal and the West Bengal TRUST Registration Office.
  • B.Pramanik & Associates well-established, well-experienced, and globally recognized TRUST Registration company offers professional TRUST registration services to people and organizations engaged in almost all TRUST registration sectors in West Bengal and all over the India.  For the convenience of their guests, specific information regarding our reputable Society registration services in West Bengal is provided in the area below.

Best Trust Registration In West Bengal


B. Pramanik & Associates offer their trust registration services to all of West Bengal

West Bengal Laws Concerning TRUST Registration:

Indian Trust Act, of 1882: A trust must register in order to be eligible for the Tax Exemption Scheme or to be regarded as a state entity. Unless otherwise specified by the Public Trust Act; registration is not needed.

West Bengal’s trust registration features:

  • The ability to trust registor on West Bengal State territory and include family members is one of the most important features of trust registration.
  • To elevate the general public’s social, intellectual, and cultural status while advocating for democracy, accountable leadership, peace, justice, and cooperation.
  • Encourage the people to build a far better civilization.
  • Assist in the rehabilitation of India’s panhandlers.

The benefits of setting up a charity trust in West Bengal include:

The following are the benefits of registering a West Bengal charity trust:

  • Contributions to charitable organizations may be deducted by donors from their income, under specific guidelines;
  • Additionally, if income is gathered for a certain purpose, it may be exempt from tax.

The trust deed must contain the following information in order for the trust to be registered in West Bengal:

  • The settler’s attendance, the presence of two witnesses at the trust’s registration, the number of trustees, the trust’s proposed name, its proposed set of rules, and its registered address
  • Voter ID, passport, Aadhaar card, PAN information, or any other self-attested copy of identification and proof of address.
  • Trustee and Settler data.
  • Occupation identification evidence.
  • Trust Deed with the Right Stamp Value for the Settler and Trustee.
  • Trustee & Settler Photos.

West Bengal Documents Required for Trust Registration:

  • Specific information on the trustees is needed, including their name, age, father’s name, occupation, place of residence, phone number, email address, and two photos.
  • Address Proof of the Trustee and Settler is required: It is necessary to present a passport, driver’s license, or voter identity.
  • Also, two witnesses with their original IDs must be present in person.
  • The settlers must be present in person and have their original identification when registering.

West Bengal’s step-by-step application process for trust registration:

Here are the top 10 pointwise steps for the trust registration process in West Bengal:

  1. Record-keeping: Ensure all legally required documentation is compiled ahead of time to avoid issues or delays.
  2. Drafting the Trust Deed: Properly draft the trust deed, the key document for trust registration.
  3. Submitting the Trust Deed: Submit the drafted trust deed along with the necessary paperwork to the Registrar of Trusts.
  4. Receiving the Certificate: Obtain the Trust Registration Certificate to confirm successful registration.
  5. Choosing a Name: Select a unique name for the trust that does not conflict with trademarks or existing trusts.
  6. Filling out the Application: Register the trust deed and include all supporting documentation from witnesses and the settler.
  7. Providing Identification: Submit ID, address, and photocopies of the settler and witnesses to the Registrar’s Office.
  8. Signing the Trust Deed: The settler and two witnesses must sign the deed in front of the registrar.
  9. Initiating Online Registration: The registrar starts the online trust registration process once the deed is signed.
  10. Familiarity with the Process: Understand the complete registration procedure to ensure a smooth and error-free process.

To know about Trust Registration Services in India then you can feel free to contact the best Trust Registration Advocates in India. You can choose the perfect Trust Registration Consultant for your Trust. You can directly connect with Trust Registration Expert through WhatsAppEmail and Website.

Top Trust Registration Consultant in India

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Banshi Advocates – Lawyers & Law Firm in India B. Pramanik & Associates having its office located at Dahiya House No. 4, Badarpur Border, New Delhi – 110044, Delhi, India | Phone: +91 9560236647

FAQs About Trust Registration in West Bengal

  • Why should we  Trust Register In West Bengal?

In addition to offering tax advantages and legal recognition, registering a trust shields trustees from personal accountability.

  • What documents are required for trust registration in west bengal?

Key documents include the trust deed like proof of identity and address of trustees, and details of the settler and witnesses.

  • How long does the trust registration process take?

Depending on how well the documentation is completed and how well the procedure moves along, the process normally takes two to three weeks.

  • Are registered trusts eligible for tax exemptions?

Yes, registered trusts can avail themselves of tax exemptions under the Trust Act of 1882 and specific sections of the Income Tax Act.

  • What are the benefits of registering a trust?

Benefits include increased credibility, tax exemptions, trustee protection, legal recognition, and operational continuity.


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