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Trust Registration In Jalpaiguri

  • The Indian Government oversees trust registration, and trust deeds are always registered in accordance with the Indian Trusts Act of 1882.
  • The best advocate in India for trust registration is Advocate B Pramanik, who leads a team that provides trust registration services in Jalpaiguri.
  • The trust deed is the first document filed in a trust. Every trust is created with the intention of carrying out philanthropic endeavors and securing tax deductions.
  • B. Pramanik & Associates is the Authorized Trust Registration Consultancy in West Bengal and the No. 1 NGO Consultancy for Trust Registration Services in India. Their team offers very elegant and effective trust registration in Jalpaiguri, making it easier for you to register your trust.

Best Trust Registration Service In Jalpaiguri


Following calluses in the Trust Deed required for Trust Registration in Jalpaiguri:

  • Trust Registration Office.
  • The operational domain of the trust.
  • Trustworthy Author Details.
  • Information from the Board of Trustees.
  • The responsibilities and powers of the Managing Trustee and other Trustees.
  • The closure and amendment of the trust deed and the applicability of the Act.

Trust Registration Process in Jalpaiguri

  • Pay the stamp duty on the trust deed as mandated by your state.
  • The settlor and trustees shall sign the trust deed in the presence of two witnesses.
  • During the registration procedure, the settlor and trustees must be present. Deliver the trust deed to the local Sub-Registrar of Assurances along with any necessary supporting documentation.
  • A certificate of registration attesting to the trust’s lawful registration will be issued by the Sub-Registrar following the verification.

Documents required for Trust Registration in Jhargram:

  • A copy of the proof of identity
  • A copy of the passport-sized
  • Address proof Picture

Minimum Members Required for Trust Registration in India

  • Two Trustees and one Settlor (members include the President, Secretary, and Treasurer)
  • Trust Name
  • Registered Office Address
  • Goals & Objectives of the Trust

To know about Trust Registration Services in India then you can feel free to contact the best Trust Registration Advocates in India. You can choose the perfect Trust Registration Consultant for your Trust. You can directly connect with Trust Registration Expert through WhatsApp, Email and Website.

Top Trust Registration Consultant in India

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