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Top Trust Registration Consultant in India

Advocate B. Pramanik is an International NGO Consultant and the Founder of B. Pramanik & Associates NGO Consultancy. Advocate B. Pramanik is also a gold medalist, and he has won many international law awards. Advocate B. Pramanik is known as the best advocate in India and the best lawyer in India, also recognized as the Legal Guru for Legal Services.

Advocate B. Pramanik is the most experienced Lawyer in India for Trust Registration Services In India. Advocate Pramanik had a big influence on the legal industry. For their outstanding work, his company, B. Pramanik & Associates, has also won multiple international awards. Because of his dedication and skill. Advocate Pramanik has an outstanding reputation in the legal world.

Best Trust Registration Consultant In India


“The Indian Trusts Act of 1882 governs the registration of trusts, and trust documents are registered in accordance with this regulation. Advocate B Pramanik is the top trust registration advocate in India.”

Why choose B. Pramanik & Associates?

B. Pramanik & Associates is the authorized top Trust Registration Consultancy in India and the leading NGO consultancy for Trust Registration Services in India, offering various trust registration services in India. As the top trust registration advisor in India, Advocate B. Pramanik & Associate’s top Trust Registration Consultancy can help you form a trust register in India.

B. Pramanik & Associates offers various types of trust registration:


  • Charitable Trust Registration:

For trusts established for charitable purposes, such as education, relief of poverty, medical relief, and other general public utility purposes.

  • Religious Trust Registration:

Trusts were established to encourage and provide funding for religious organizations and events, including churches, mosques, temples, and other houses of worship.

  • Public Trust Registration:

The purpose of trusts was to serve a large portion of the public, frequently with a focus on social, medical, or educational goals.

  • NGO Trust Registration:

Non-governmental organizations (NGOs) aim to carry out various social welfare activities, including community development, health, and education.

B. Pramanik & Associates is one of the best NGO Trust Registration In India.

  • Testamentary Trust Registration:

For trusts created through a will, which come into effect upon the death of the person making the will.

  • Educational Trust Registration:

For trusts dedicated to establishing and managing educational institutions, scholarships, and other educational programs.


Top 10 step-wise Trust Registration Process in India:

The process of registering a trust is quite easy in India. In many Indian states, a charity trust or NGO trust must be established, and registered, and multiple kind initiatives must be initiated.

Here are the top 10 steps for the trust registration process in India:

  1. Choose whether you want a private trust or a public charitable trust.
  2. Choose a unique name for your trust that isn’t already in use.
  3. Write the trust deed with details your name, objectives, and names of the trustees.
  4. Appoint at least two trustees to manage the trust.
  5. Gather documents like address proof, photos of trustees, and proof of the trust’s address.
  6. As required by your state pay the stamp duty on the trust deed.
  7. In front of two witnesses, the settlor and trustees should sign the trust deed.
  8. The settlor and trustees need to be present for the registration process. Submit the trust deed along with supporting documents to the local Sub-Registrar of Assurances.
  9. After the verification, the Sub-Registrar will issue a certificate of registration, confirming that the trust is legally registered.
  10. Get a Permanent Account Number (PAN) for the trust and open a bank account in the trust’s name to handle financial transactions.


the delivery of first-rate services in a transparent, honest, and results-driven manner. The organization values professional ethics highly and never compromises on them.

Please feel free to get in touch with the top Trust Registration Advocates in India if you have any questions about Trust Registration Services in India. For your trust, you can select the ideal Trust Registration Consultant. The Trust Registration Expert can be reached directly via Whatsapp, email, and website.

Here Top Trust Registration Consultant in India

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