Property document verification Lawyer in Kolkata

Property document verification Lawyer in Kolkata

We serve as attorneys for property document verification.

Legally, you must examine, evaluate, and confirm every property document that the seller has provided. Before engaging in any form of transaction with the Seller, this needs to be completed.

We offer our clients in Kolkata and other regions of India legal services for property documents verification thanks to our strong team of attorneys and extensive network.

What is Property document verification?

The process of verifying the legality of all the property documents belonging to the seller is known as property document verification.

This procedure verifies the authenticity of the seller’s document. This procedure reduces the possibility that a dishonest Seller may deceive the Buyer.

This procedure also uncovers any defects in the Seller’s documentation, sparing the Buyer from having to buy a property with flawed documentation.

Why property document verification is necessary?

When completing any transaction with the seller to buy a property, the buyer must, among other things, confirm the following:

– The seller’s documentation is in good order.

– The property chain is free of flaws.

– The property has properly vested in the seller.

– Title documents executed by the seller are property.

– There are no restrictions on the buyer’s ability to enjoy the property they are purchasing in the seller’s property document.

[Note: Verifying property documents in person is a first-hand activity for purchasing real estate. Obtaining a title verification from the relevant Sub-registrar office is recommended for the purchase. When purchasing a property, buyers of high-stakes properties are also urged to conduct thorough due diligence on the property.]

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For what reason is it fatal not to verify property documents?

Failure to perform property verification could result in lawsuits, claims from third parties, and difficulties keeping or selling the property. This will result in expenses, losses, or harm to the buyer.

How can we support our customers?

Among other things, we perform the following exercise when conducting a title search:

– Examine and research every document pertaining to the seller’s property in-depth.

– Look into and provide legal advice regarding the seller’s title vesting.

– Check the seller’s right’s nature.

– Make sure the seller is competent legally.

– Check the land’s use and property type.

– Check for encumbrance.

– Check for covenants imposing restrictions, etc.

– Physical confirmation of the original paperwork from the seller.

For what reason do clients select us as their property document verification lawyers?

Top Legal Counsel

Problems could be complex. Listening to the client is essential.
We lend an ear. We comprehend the problem, consider it in light of the law, and provide a workable solution.

Respecting Client’s Trust

The client has problems. He doesn’t know the answer. It’s possible that he lacks the insight needed to find the answer.

A client entrusts a specialist to provide a solution that serves their best interests. to provide him with the distinct vision that leads to the answer.

We uphold that confidence.

Keep Information Private

The customer confides in a specialist about his problems. Such matters can include private or sensitive client information.

We respect the client’s right to confidentiality.

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